About the Project:
Independent Shortfilm
Year: 2017
Runtime: 19min
Producer: Finnegan Godenschweger

Director: Finnegan Godenschweger
Director of Photography: Finnegan Godenschweger

“Weg vom Fenster” was Finnegan’s first bigger short-film-project, which he developed, directed, shot and edited himself. He used the short story “Radi” written by Wolfgang Borchert and adapted the topic into our period.
You can read the original story here (German): https://www.mondamo.de/alt/borchert.htm#05
The principal photography took place in January 2018 near Berlin.

Full list of crew: Weg vom Fenster

2nd place Landesfilmfestival Berlin/Brandenburg, 12.11.2018
“best film music” Landesfilmfestival Berlin/Brandenburg, 12.11.2018

A lonely boy, called Radi, who has been removed from online society, knocks at his old classmates window early in the morning. He asks for help, because he cannot live like this any longer, being deleted. Together they walk to his old place of peace, a hut in the forrest. There, his old classmate Max is able to convince him that he doensn´t need the fictional online world to be alive. Radi burries his Laptop as a sign of acceptance. Later, they walk away into the morning sun.

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