About the Project:
Independent Shortfilm
Year: 2020 (currently in the festival circuit)
Runtime: 14min
Production: Big Visions
(Jonas Boltze, Julius Wieler)

Director: Gianluca Pistoia
Director of Photography: Finnegan Godenschweger
Production Design: Diogo Rodruiguez, Deborah Dixkens, Madelaine Kropp
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New York, 1942: A young man is sitting in a pension room looking for the right words of farewell to his family while waiting for his draft to the military. Which represents the only chance for him to die an honorable hero’s death.



behind the scene video

by Fabian Klein

behind the scene photos

Photos by: Peter Wieler, Jonas Boltze, Finnegan Koichi Godenschweger
Copyright: Big Visions