About the Project:
Independent Shortfilm
Year: 2018
Runtime: 5min
Production: NAIS Productions

Director: Florian Vogel
Director of Photography: Finnegan Godenschweger

Camera Assistant / Grip: Lukas Fahnert
Production Assistant / Grip / Color Grading: Benni Schiller
Sound: Finn Sattelmaier
Editing & Sounddesign: Finn Sattelmaier, Florian Vogel
Make-Up: Jessica Wanat

Katinka Nieter
Daria Krauzowicz
Timothi Kelch

Horror is nothing other than reality. Especially for the pregnant woman who wakes up in a bed with sewed eyes and mouth. In a panicked state, she tries to find a way out of the house without coming in contact with her torturer.

full short-film