"Snowflake" movie premiere

Berlin 2018

MDK-Kongress 2018: Impressionen

Video: Martin Scharke, Moritz Kluth, Daniel Helgert, Finnegan Godenschweger

Berlin 2018

25. FED-Konferenz in Berlin 2017 - Treffpunkt für Fachleute der Elektronikbranche

Berlin 2017

The aftermovie of the "Schiessplatz Open Air"

Schenkenhorst 2017


A promovideo for "timeaftercancer" i made with Jacob Fisher

Berlin 2018

An imagevideo for the "Deutsch Spanischer Chor Berlin e.V."

Berlin 2017


Louis Spohr: Fantasie c-Moll - Serafina Jaffé | harp

Potsdam 2018

A biking video I shot in New Zealand. My exchangepartner is riding the bike

Wellington 2014

I made this video for a friend to apply for a scholarship because he wanted to go to South Africa (we won and he got the scholarship)

Stahnsdorf 2015



director: Florian Vogel

I did the cinematography

Berlin 2018

"Weg vom Fenster"

my first shortfilm as writer, director, Cinematographer and cutter

Berlin 2017

My first horror-short as a Cinematographer

Berlin 2017

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